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Dear ONE Spirit supporters and freinds,

We are writing to you today to ask for your help with the urgent needs of families on the reservation. No blizzards on the rez yet this year but nighttime temperatures have been in the teens and mid-twenties and daytime a little above freezing. The men working in the wood program are delivering daily and calls are coming from all across the reservation.


We are exciting to share with you that just this week, a generous donor has given ONE Spirit the funds to purchase an additional truck for the wood program to use so that the men can reach more families with frequent wood deliveries. It is only with the support of people like you that we can keep up with the need.

Food is also a big problem. Last month we had more than 50 families who had no sponsors but who are desperately in need of food. In the past couple of days, we got a call from a grandmother who had no heat and no food and was burning clothes to keep her grandchildren warm. Another grandmother who has 13 people in her household (9 of those are kids) told me they were having popcorn for dinner and nothing for breakfast.


These are just two of the 7 urgent calls we have answered in the last two days. Only with your help can we continue to provide the lifesaving resources needed in these situations. As you know, everything you donate goes directly to help the people.

Every day we are grateful for you -- the ONE Spirit people.

The ONE Spirit Team



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