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There are 8 kids under 15 years of age and 5 young adults who have no place to go and are waiting eagerly to move in to the Safe House.

For the last few weeks, Donna and Billy Jumping Eagle have had more than 20 kids sleeping in their basement. The Safe House is nearing completion and we are increasingly aware of the great need to have it open as quickly as possible. The building is near completion and the only work remaining is placing the trim and blowing insulation into the ceiling.


We are excited to announce that the Safe House Opening Ceremonies and house blessing are being scheduled for the weekend of March 17-18. If you will be on the reservation and would like to attend opening ceremonies, please let us know.


The most urgent need is for mattresses. The bunk beds are there and the Denver Mattress Company is giving us a big discount on their highly rated mattresses. $3100.00 will provide mattresses for all the beds including those for resident supervisors. $500. will buy a table and chairs. $600 will buy a good quality couch.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the donors who made this home a reality. Here the kids will attend school, learn to care for and ride horses, learn structure and respect, and contribute to the community.



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