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Chief Arvol Looking Horse's 2010 WORLD PEACE & PRAYER DAY
will be held in Western Mass on 6/21/2010...
at a refuge for abandoned horses run by Pam Rickenbach...see

Blue Star Equiculture
3090 Palmer St, Palmer, Massachusetts
01069. (413) 289 9787 www.equiculture.org

Arvol was just here in Wash. DC at a gathering at the Native American Indian Museum on behalf of saving America's endangered horses.
He gave a powerful blessing with two mustang horses flanking him, each kneeling on one knee as Arvol prayed. Amazing and holy all at once!

One of Arvol's personal names is "Horseman," and saving the horses is his special passion, as it is host Pam Rickenbach's. If you --or ANYONE--can get up to WORLD PEACE & PRAYER DAY 6/21/2010 in W MASS, it will be a VERY sacred experience.
Please pass this message on to friends.

For more on Arvol, the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe (c’anumpa) of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota (Great Sioux) Nation, see his website www.wolakota.org

Inquiries about attending
World Peace & Prayer Day 6/21
to rickenbach2@hotmail.com




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