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We All Pray Together With One Heart & One Mind

Chuck Derby Running Elk of the Little Feather Center in Pipestone, Minnesota

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Hello our friends around the planet, Our friend Michael who is a sundancer, put together this global ceremony for us, as we have been busy coping with Chuck's sickness. In case you didn't know he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. And so we asked Michael if he could do this for the family. During the prayers Chuck will be sitting in a sweat lodge at the Center and I and his family will be surrounding the lodge, all praying in our own way. We envisage many people worldwide smoking their pipes or being in a sweat, doing Reike or praying in their own way for Chuck at this time. Please join us, it should be very powerful for all involved. Please pass this on to your circles and ask them to pass it to theirs and so on. We thank you for your participation in this unique ceremony.

Hugs Gloria x

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Standing Bear Community
April 24th, 2010

We All Pray Together With One Heart & One Mind
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Chuck Derby Running Elk

My name is Michael McGee and it is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. Over the weekend I stopped in at the Little Feather Center in Pipestone, MN to visit with Chuck Derby, one of the traditional pipe carvers and quarriers. Chuck has been instrumental in ensuring that these traditions are passed on to the next generation and many people's canupas come from his or his family's hands. I learned that Chuck has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and was honored by the family to help organize a global prayer day for Chuck and his family.
I am asking that all those people who have been touched by the canupa gather together to say a prayer for this amazing man with One Heart and One Mind. The world will be praying together on May 1st, 2010 at 6pm CST (12:00am May 2nd GMT). If you can go into an inipi at this time and say prayers for this man and his family it is greatly appreciated. For those of you not close to an inipi, or for whom the time makes this difficult, I ask that you light your pipes. Light your pipes so that Chuck may have the strength to go through what is to come, so that the family has strength for the coming months, that the doctors are well rested, that Chuck and his family receive the things that they need and that everything happens in a good way. I ask that you do this for this man who has touched so many of our lives directly or indirectly.
For more information please contacts us at matonajinhan@yahoo.com

Anpetu Waste Yuha Po,

Michael McGee



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