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Fire Fighters Gain Control of Fires on Pine Ridge

Red Cross Assisting at Shelters

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Fire Lines

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION The wild prairie fires that hit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has been contained. There are still a couple fires burning South of Highway 18 reservation.

Pte San Win, who is an Oglala Sioux Tribe member and lives Pine Ridge, South Dakota told the Native News Network about early Saturday afternoon, mdt.

Three house trailers burned to the ground and fortunately there have been no causalities. A full assessment of structural damage is yet to be made as much emphasis has been placed on the safety of human lives and livestock.

Pine Ridge BIA agency deputy superintendent Harold Compton says evacuation orders have been lifted, as the fire on Saturday is being kept south of Highway 18. However, resident of the Slims Butte area have not been allowed back into their homes.

Compton warns with the temperature forecasted to be 101 degrees - F today, and gusty winds approaching 40 miles per hour, the reservation is not out of danger yet.

The fires still burning are south of Lakeside, near Oglala Lake, and north of Pine Ridge. The fire burning at Lakeside includes a buffalo pasture. The buffalo have been corralled and are safe.

People who were evacuated last night were given shelter at the Billy Mills Hall and Sacred Heart Church in Pine Ridge and the Prairie Winds Casino conference room.

The American Red Cross and Emergency Response Team have been working to make sure those sheltered there have received adequate food and water.

Members of the Emergency Command Center Team and Pte San Win contributed to this story.



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